Torngat Live at the Bread Factory

Track List

  1. Fly Stuff
  2. (click to download)
  3. Bye Bye Sly
  4. (click to download)
  5. Baldy Walk
  6. La Rouge
  7. Alberta Song
  8. (click to download)

PIETRO AMATO, french horn + electronics
MATHIEU CHARBONNEAU, keyboards + percussion
JULIEN POISSANT, drum kit + trumpet + percussion

All compositions by Torngat
Recorded live June 5th 2004 by Carey Dodge
Mastered by Érick Jarry
Art and design: Julien Poissant


Track List

  1. (click to listen)
  2. three frozen birds
  3. long stick
  4. lady grey
  5. sadly looking at an immersed dying eider
  6. (click to listen)
  7. space
  8. drop the bomb
  9. (click to listen)
  10. ukumama
  11. backpain
  12. sparks like a song
  13. hate to say I told you so
  14. angels try

PIETRO AMATO, french horn and electronics
SYLVAIN DELISLE, bass and ukulele
JULIEN POISSANT, drums and percussion

All compositions by Torngat
Recorded live in Entrelac (2002) by Érick Jarry and Jean-François Gagnon
Mix: Torngat and Érick Jarry
Production: Torngat and Érick Jarry
Mastering: Érick Jarry
Art and design: Philippe Charbonneau
Release date: June 4 2003

Now available at a Torngat show, CD esotérique, L’Oblique, Les Anges Vagabonds, Cheap Thrills and The Black Tomato (Ottawa). You can also order the album online at or directly from (email to: